Forklift won't start after swapping LP bottle?


By Dennis Firkins - February 13, 2020

Did you just change your LP tank after running out of fuel and the lift won’t restart?
Here are some things to check out before placing a call for service!
  1. Remove the LP connector from the full tank that was just installed.  Look at the inside of the brass tank coupling.  You should NOT see any O-Rings or Flat-Rings inside the brass coupling.
  1. The LP tank fitting (where the tank coupling screws on) DOES have a Flat-ring on the outside to keep dust out and an O-Ring back inside that seals against the shiny tip on the tank coupling.
  1. Occasionally, when you change out an LP tank, the Flat-Ring out of the old tank will pull off and stick inside the LP hose coupling, preventing the coupling from screwing on far enough to open the valve. The engine will not have fuel to start and it will not run.
  1. If the LP Tank Coupling is screwed onto the LP Tank Fitting properly, there will only be an 1/8” of gap between them. If you are not able to screw them together that close, check again for something in the Tank Coupling. There should not be any rubber Rings in the Tank Coupling.
  1. Sometimes, you will need to lubricate the shiny tip of the LP Tank Coupling to get it to slide past the O-Ring in the Tank Fitting. Chapstick works well for this.
  1. If all of this fails to get the forklift started, call us for a service call and we will dispatch one of our qualified technicians to get the lift going for you!

Thank you!

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