By Dennis Firkins - March 25, 2021

Easy tips on how to keep the life epectancy on your battery!

 Under normal circumstances, we recommend charging when a battery reaches 80% depth of discharge (near the “red zone” on most discharge meters or about 1.140-1.60 specific gravity), not before!

 Most new lead acid batteries are designed to provide 1,500 charge “cycles” or more. A normal cycle is 8 hours of usage, 8 hours of charging, and 8 hours of cooling per a 24 hour period. If your application is light to medium duty, or sporadic, charge only when necessary rather than daily. It will spread the cycle life of the battery over a much longer period of time, and ensure you get the maximum number of productive years from your investment.

 Select “weekend”, “equalize” or “weekly” charge (depending on your brand of charger) approx. every 5 to 10 cycles to keep the battery performing at peak efficiency. Failure to do so or selecting this option too often will harm the battery and shorten its effective life.

 Give us a call today if you would like more details on your battery!  Our friendly staff will gladly assist you.
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